Google Pixel 2 Field Test: Winner all the way.

So let me start this by saying these weren’t taken from my phone. Which obviously means I don’t own a Google Pixel 2… YET.

And I also understand this is quite a late field test post of a phone. But what the hell. I wouldn’t have shared them otherwise

Having seen the Pixel 2 do so well on the sales front, few of my good friends ended up buying. And every trip we made in the last 3 months, I ended up using their phones more than them quite literally. I realised I had more than one chance to put its camera to test and see how it really did in different conditions.

Some pictures were shot here in Bangalore, some in Chikamagalur, some in the forests of Nagarhole and some are just random.

Quick thoughts: I love what this phone can do. Portrait mode is pretty good however you see some rough patches every now and then where the blur is off. And quite the beast in low light. Panorama stitching is something most Android phones failed, with the Pixel 2 its software now does a fabulous job. The default picture editor offers some great colour correction and filter options(much better than on iOS).

So here you go – I have thrown in almost every kind of shot there. Panoramas included. Write in a comment if you tend to agree or disagree.